As time goes on our structures like: sheds, decking, hot tubs and back yard playsets become weak and fragile and just down right unsightly. But imagine removing a small to medium shed from the back yard and what would that look like? Demolition of things like sheds, hot tubs, decking and even pianos are not as simple as it looks, without commercial grade equipment like pry bar, sledge hammers, heavy duty trucks and trailer that hold the weight and don't for get sawzaw these projects can be very over whelming. Well, your in the right place! Minneapolis Rubbish Removal Services can remove your small to medium shed, hot tub, piano, backyard play set, above ground pool and more...

Demolition and junk removal projects can be really heavy, time consuming, require special tools, large heavy vehicle and a lot of labor. Lucky for you this is what we do, we have the man power, large vehicles and even power tools to get the job done right the first time and fast.


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