What Do We Take In Junk Removal

Junk Removal
Coffee Table, Lamps, Tv Stands, Sectionals (2 pieces – 4 pieces/ small- to – extra-large), Couches, Loveseats, Sofa Chairs, Sleeper Couches, Toy's, Sleeper Loveseats, Recliner Sofa Chairs, Recliner Couches, Recliner Loveseats, Ottoman, End Tables, Chair side Tables, Throw Rugs (small to extra-large), Bookshelf, Bench, Cabinets, Pictures, Books, Pianos, Grandfather Clocks, Fireplace, Electronics, Table, Window Shades, Clothing, Floor Lamps, Dressers, Armoire, Headboard, Footboard, Bed Frame, Mattresses, Box Springs, Pictures, Bedrails, Nightstands, Decorative Objects, Bookshelves, Jewelry Boxes, Pictures, electronics, Stove, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Kitchenware, Hutches, Buffets, Stools, Cookbooks, Microwave, Freestanding Islands, Electronics, Washing Machines, Dryers, Freezers, Mop Buckets, Treadmills, Weight Sets (exercise equipment), Clothing, Shelves, Paint Cans (dry paint and empty cans only), Cleaning Supplies, Clothing, Storage Bins, Hot Water Heaters, Sinks (concrete, cast-iron or plastic), Suitcases, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Paint Can (dry paint and empty cans only), Bikes, Snow Blower, Lawn Mowers, Gardening Tools, Shelving, Scrap Metals, Yard Tools, Paint Cans (dry paint and empty cans only), Bikes, Snow Blower, Lawn Mowers, Gardening Tools, Shelving, Scrap Metals etc...

Yard Waste
Leaves and grass (must be in recyclable brown bags), cut bushes, branches, cut down trees (most be cut in small enough to carry or pickup by hand), Landscaping Timber, Railroad Ties, Wood, Lumber and miscelleous yard waste. (No dirt, rock or concrete)

Kitchen Cabinets, Counter Tops, Sheds, Back Yard Playsets, Fencing, Toilets, Above Ground Pools, Tubs, Sinks, Hot Tubs, Decking ( Small to Medium Size Decks, Wooden Stairs etc....

Desk (Small and large), Chairs, Conference Tables, Tables, File Cabinets (Small and large), Book Shelves, Shelves, Storage Bins, Couches, 

Complete Property Cleanout
We specialize in complete property cleanouts. Our team removes everything in a cleanout (Unless we are told to leave)Cleanouts are a lot of work; we start by removing all trash and separating recyclables and donatable. The recyclables are taken to a local recycler and are donation go to Goodwill, Salvation Army or Bridging. In the end your house, apartment or office is completely swept out.


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